04 MarYoutify: Musicians, now you can busk online!

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Swedish developers Per Thulin and Karl Tannergård have created a browser-based music player that streams music from Youtube, SoundCloud and Official.fm.   Youtify comes with a unique feature:  through integration with flattr’s social micropayment platform, it allows listeners to donate to artists with the click of a button.  For indie musicians, that’s an interesting proposition.

How Flattr works

Flattr users contribute a monthly amount of their own choosing to the service and content producers add a flattr button to their website.   Over the course of the month, users click flattr buttons whenever it tickles their fancy.  At the end of the month, the user’s monthly donation is evenly divided between the owners of all the buttons she clicked.

How Youtify works

Since Youtify is not a distribution platform, you can’t upload anything to it.  The content comes from elsewhere on the interwebs.  Youtify just helps find it and keep it coming with an intuitive, music-player-style interface.  By creating an account you can create personalized playlists, connect your Flattr account and start throwing musicians a bone.

How to use these tools to busk on the internet

1. Your first step is to upload your music to SoundCloud.  (Youtube and Official.fm’s flattr integration, if any, was not immediately obvious to me).

2.  Sign up for a Flattr account and sync your SoundCloud account.

3. In Flattr, tag your tracks with “music”, select file type “audio” and submit them to have them listed in the music catalog.

4. Profit!  Watch that virtual spare change trickle into your virtual guitar case.

I should mention it’s also fun to pop on your headphones, hit play and just listen to whatever random flattrable music comes up.  That’s what I’ve been doing the entire time I’ve been writing this post and setting up all my stuff.  This is a great way to discover and appreciate (with money) new artists.  I’m going to go put some funds into my account and start flattring!

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