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  • Enjoying the sights and sounds of Montreal

    Youtify: Musicians, now you can busk online!

    Swedish developers Per Thulin and Karl Tannergård have created a browser-based music player that streams music from Youtube, SoundCloud and   Youtify comes with a unique feature:  through integration with flattr's social micropayment platform, it allows listeners to donate to artists with the click of a button.  For indie ...

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  • Six hassle-free e-book libraries.

    Six hassle-free e-book libraries.

    Despite my misgivings about Amazon (see: persecution of Wikileaks), I have to confess: I love my Kindle. It was a 2010 Christmas present and I have used it nearly every single day since then without ever purchasing a single e-book from Amazon.  The following sites maintain libraries of e-books that are ...

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  • Five hassle-free streaming film and video websites.

    Five hassle-free streaming film and video websites.

    I have a soft spot in my heart for independent film-makers.  I've worked on big budget Hollywood shows and no-budget indie shows.  There's nothing Hollywood can offer that compares with the satisfaction (or is it relief?) that comes from getting that final shot in the can in time for the ...

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  • Indievania.


    I love this website.  Stop reading right now and go there. Are you still reading?  OK then, here's the basic overview, which you would have found if you had followed by advice in the paragraph above. Indievania is an open platform for independent developers to sell their games directly to players and keep ...

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  • Streaming, Ad-Free Indie Music

    Streaming, Ad-Free Indie Music

    Innovations in technology Independent musicians were among of the earliest beneficiaries of innovations in communications and digital technology. In two short decades, our ability to make and share music been completely transformed. Where once thousands of dollars had to be invested in studio time, artwork, mastering and printing records to ...

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