31 JanIndievania.

Artwork from Alientrap's fast paced 2D platform shooter "Capsized"

I love this website.  Stop reading right now and go there.

Are you still reading?  OK then, here’s the basic overview, which you would have found if you had followed by advice in the paragraph above.

Indievania is an open platform for independent developers to sell their games directly to players and keep 100% of the profits. Our focus is on cross platform DRM-free games directly from developers with no middle men and no extra software for players to install.

Players can redownload games at any time after purchase, and developers can continually update their game and release new versions. All games are accepted at any stage in development, with popular new releases and special/promotions being showcased on the front page and our facebook/twitter streams – allowing developers to sell beta/alpha versions of their game to fund development.

Indievania was developed by indie developers Alientrap as an alternative to the many online based game retailers. The site was developed with open source technology and cloud based hosting to keep the costs low and allow for game developers retain all their profits directly – no funding for the site has been provided by any game studios or other companies.

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