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Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire

Innovations in technology

Independent musicians were among of the earliest beneficiaries of innovations in communications and digital technology. In two short decades, our ability to make and share music been completely transformed. Where once thousands of dollars had to be invested in studio time, artwork, mastering and printing records to manifest one album, we can now produce virtually unlimited tracks of comparable quality in our own basements for next to nothing. Where we once had to choose between signing an exploitative distribution deal or barging into every record store in town with a box of CDs under our arms in order to get records on the shelves, we can now deliver our work to the whole world without even leaving the house.

Likewise, the internet has brought a revolution in broadcasting. Any sufficiently motivated music lover can now set up a server and broadcast their favourite music around the clock and around the world, distributed through directories like ShoutCast and TuneIn. I’m not going to pretend I know how any of that server-client stuff works, but I am going to introduce you to a few great radio stations where you can hear non-stop, ad-free streaming indie music around the clock.

SomaFM maintains 21 listener-supported, ad-free internet radio stations. Find something that suits your mood and play it in a pop-out player or open the station in iTunes, WinAmp, Amarok or VLC.

DMPulse has launched a listener-supported*, ad-free indie stream on TuneIn, which you can access through your mobile device. 1) Go to your gadget’s native app store and get TuneIn for free. 2) Search for DMPulse in TuneIn. 3) Enjoy. SomaFM’s channels are also available on TuneIn.

Radio XY will open a stream in WinAmp, Windows Media Player, XMMS and iTunes on your computer, or on TuneIn for mobile devices. From what I can see, RadioXY is maintained by one die-hard, indie loving broadcast nerd in his spare time. Based on the quality of the music I have been listening to for the past hour or so and the cross-platform compatibility this humble station is the best of the bunch.

Pro Tip: If you are using TuneIn, use the little <3+ icon in the top right corner to add stations to your presets so you can find them easily later. Happy listening!

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