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05 MarTen Literary Works Outlawed by PayPal

Techdirt writes that PayPal “has put in place a policy that it would no longer process payments for ebooks that contained themes of rape, incest, beastiality and underage sexual content” and given online distribution platforms less than a week to purge their stores of any books that contain such unconscionable titillation. As far as enforcement […]

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04 MarRichard Seymour on Self Publishing.

Richard Seymour is an English screenwriter, journalist and author and a lovely fellow. His first novel, Members Only, was an innovative philosophical comedy based in the afterlife. I met him first on the internet on various philosophy discussion forums, then in real life when I lived in Cornwall. He was kind enough to answer some […]

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24 JanSix hassle-free e-book libraries.

Despite my misgivings about Amazon (see:┬ápersecution of Wikileaks), I have to confess: I love my Kindle. It was a 2010 Christmas present and I have used it nearly every single day since then without ever purchasing a single e-book from Amazon. ┬áThe following sites maintain libraries of e-books that are DRM-free, self-published, licensed to the […]

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